The Bella Forma Collection

Introducing the Spa Industry’s Most Advanced Soak Off Gel System.

The Bella Forma Collection utilizes state of the art technology that guarantees not to yellow and does not require any primers or bonders. Bella Forma gel soaks off in 10 minutes and comes in a variety of fashionable and trendsetting colors, helping the professional nail technician to create the everlasting manicure. Bellissima products are available in finer salons and spas worldwide. From the founders of Calgel USA, Inc.

The Spa Industry's Most Advanced Soak Off Gel System.

Our Products are Made in the USA and We're Green Certified.

Bella Forma is Available in Finer Salons and Spas Worldwide.

Bella Forma Gel is Available in 42 Colors and We're Always Adding More!

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Bella Forma Gel by Bellissima International

Bella Forma Gel is Now Green Certified

We are excited to announce Bella Forma Gel has been Green Certified in some green salons. This is a huge accomplishment as it is very difficult to get anything Green Certified. There a lot of salons that want to be green certified but cannot offer anything but manicures and pedicures to their nail clients. You [...]

Bella Forma Gel from Bellissima International

Save $119… Get Your Starter Kit and UV Lamp Today!

We’d like to extend a fabulous deal to all of our newest customers. We are offering $204.00 of product for only $85.00. That’s right, a savings of $119.  This deal includes everything you need to get started with our product line including one of our lamps. We understand that as we’re all watching our pennies [...]

Bella Forma Gel from Bellissima International

4 New Bella Forma Gel Colors Have Arrived

Have you ever been so lucky to receive that little blue box from someone special??  Well, now you can wear Tiffany Blue on your nails and toes to remind you of that special day or that someday you want to receive a little blue box!!   Banana Blitz is a refreshing yellow that will be [...]


  • Bella Forma Gel from Bellissima International

    Our Colors

    We’ve chosen most of our colors from the most popular lines out there. We also listen to our celebrity nail technicians’ advice as to what the celebrities are requesting. Celebrities set the trends and our customers then follow. To view and print our colors in an accurate, high resolution version for viewing,  click here for the Bella [...]

  • Bella Forma Gel from Bellissima International

    Bella Forma Gel

    Bella Forma Gel can be used on natural nails to strengthen weak, brittle or soft flaking nails, helping them to grow naturally into strong and healthy, good looking nails, without the use of tips or extensions. Bella Forma Gel does not require excessive buffing of the natural nail before application. It has a honey-like consistency [...]

  • Bella Forma Gel from Bellissima International

    Top Coats

    All true soak off gels are porous.  Which means that to protect the gel from the dirt and grime of everyday living, you need to apply an air drying top coat.   Bella Shine Top Coat will not only protect the gel but it will also give the gel a high gloss finish.

  • Bella Forma Gel from Bellissima International


    Bella Forma Nail Wipe is your most used solution.  Nail Wipe is what is used to prep the natural nail for the application of the Bella Forma UV Soak Off Gel.  The Nail Wipe dehydrates the nail plate without drying it out.  After the last coat of Bella Forma Gel is cured, the Nail Wipe [...]

  • Bella Forma Gel from Bellissima International


    Bella Forma Cuticle Oils are available in 3 flavors, Vanilla Gelato, Cranberry Passion and Mango Tango.   Applying cuticle oil daily to your cuticles will help to prevent dryness, cracking or splitting.  Research has said that once you apply the cuticle oil that you should not wash your hands for approximately one hour.  Getting in [...]

  • Bella Forma Gel from Bellissima International


    We provide a full range of accessories to help with your needs of providing a perfect service for your client.  

  • Bella Forma Gel from Bellissima International


    The Bella Forma Trial Kit gives you enough products for you to try and then realize that you are in love with The Bella Forma Collection and need more!  In the Trial Kit you will receive a Clear 7g, Garey’s Smile 7g (White), Nail Wipe 2oz, Soak Away 2oz, #4 Flat Brush, #4 Filbert Brush, [...]