Bella Forma Gel

Bella Forma Gel can be used on natural nails to strengthen weak, brittle or soft flaking nails, helping them to grow naturally into strong and healthy, good looking nails, without the use of tips or extensions. Bella Forma Gel does not require excessive buffing of the natural nail before application. It has a honey-like consistency that is brushed onto a prepared nail and then cured for 60 seconds under a ultra-violet curing lamp. Two thin coats, that even with a close inspection, will show only a well cared for natural set of nails. For people not wanting to wait for natural growth, Bella Forma Gel can be used to form nail extensions onto the natural nail and unlike some other systems, a Bella Forma extension is thin, flexible and natural looking. Artificial tips also are stronger and better looking with Bella Forma applied over them, without appearing thick and false.

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