Bella Forma Gel from Bellissima International


A Message from the Founders
As many of our customers already know, we were previously the Importers for Calgel – known to all as Calgel USA Inc. for the past 8 years.  That door closed for us in July 2009 when the Japanese Importer purchased Calbrook International – the manufacturer of Calgel.  The new owners in turn wished us well but they would no longer be selling product to us.  That is when Bellissima International Inc. was established.  With our dedicated staff we were able to launch the Bella Forma Collection in January 2010.

The Company

Bellissima International Inc. manufacturing company was established July 2009.  The first line that Bellissima launched was the Bella Forma Collection, our UV Soak Off gel line.  We are thrilled to announce that Bella Forma does not yellow!  Our product was recently Green Certified and we manufacture right here in the USA. Marnie and John Hadley, the founders and owners, have distributors throughout the USA, Japan, UK, Canada, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand with many more countries coming on board.   The majority of our distributors are former Calgel Importers who love the fact that they are able to offer a high end quality product at a reduced price to their clientele.   In the future, Bellissima International does plan on manufacturing other product lines.

Our commitment to our customers, now that we are the manufacturer, is to exceed your expectations.  Our fabulous staff is here for each and every one of you, to process your order, answer questions and provide dedicated support.  We care what you think as without you there would be no us! Even though Bella Forma UV Soak off Gel is extremely easy to use and training is not a necessity to purchase product, we do offer online training.  We here at Bellissima International want you to be extremely comfortable using the Bella Forma Collection.


Marnie Hadley – CEO/President and Senior Educator
Marnie Hadley originally started out as a Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Technician, working in a salon in Ontario, Canada.  The salon owner, a Distributor for Bio Sculpture, shortly after became the Importer for Calgel in Canada, therefore switching from Bio Sculpture to Calgel in the salon.  After mastering Calgel, Marnie became a Premier Status Calgel Technician, then an Educator and quickly on to a Senior Educator.  Marnie and John were presented with a great opportunity to become the Importer of Calgel for the USA.  Since John’s family resided in California, that became the home of Calgel USA.   In the summer of 2009 the doors to Calgel were closed and brand new doors opened – Bellissima International Inc. was established.  Becoming a Manufacturer rather than just an Importer has certainly been a new and exciting adventure.  The experience of actually working with a chemist to fully understand the ‘how’s and why’s’ of the making of a UV soak off gel, has given both John and Marnie a vast insight and knowledge of the product.

John Hadley – Vice President
John Hadley’s expertise is in sales and marketing.  John managed the extremely successful sales team for Calgel USA and will continue to do the same for Bellissima International. John will also handle all International dealings, Distributors, along with all the duties that come with being a manufacturer.  John’s vast experience in sales and working with people allow him to find the right type of employees to excel in the sales arena.  With his marketing and sales background, John has helped several multimillion dollar companies dominate their marketplace.  When first starting in the nail business, John decided to take a nail certification course to gain a better insight of the application process and nail anatomy. He prides himself in understanding the product from both the nail technician and the customer’s point of view.

In Memory Of Garey Hall (1967-2009)

GareyOctober 22, 2009 was an extremely sad day for the Bellissima International family.  We lost the Importer of Bellissima Gel UK, whom was not only our dearest friend, but truly the King of Gels.  Garey Hall, 42, was taken from us to be with the Lord and became that brightest star that you will see in the sky.  Garey had the absolute best smile, with the whitest teeth that you could ever imagine.  Garey’s teeth blinded you when he smiled, which was almost every minute of the day, as much as all his diamonds did!  Diamonds were definitely a favorite of Garey’s!  After Garey’s passing we renamed our white gel and called it Garey’s Smile.  We also renamed our green gel to be Garey’s Mojito, because if you ever had a Mojito with Garey, it was never just a few mint leaves, the glass was totally green!

Garey Hall had been a Nail Technician for over 15 years.  Marnie and John had met him at a training workshop in North Bay, Ontario Canada, with Calgel, prior to becoming the Importers.  Over the next 8 years, a solid friendship grew and Garey became more like family than just a friend.  Garey was the International Educator for Calgel and Marnie and John hired him to educate and attend various tradeshows with them.  Garey’s exuberant personality was infectious!  If you ever attended a workshop held by Garey or sat with him at a tradeshow, you definitely left with a wealth of valuable information and a feeling like you just left your best friend.  With Garey’s vast knowledge of the nail industry and experience from owning his own salon, lead him to embark in the opportunity with John and Marnie to take on the distributorship of Bellissima Gel UK.  Garey launched the Bella Forma Collection in Manchester with great success, just weeks before passing, with the help of great friends Loretta, Nad and Emma. Emma Beauchamp, a dear close friend of Garey’s, along with Garey’s brother David, sister Sandra and mother Marion have now become the Distributors for Bellissima Gel UK.  Emma, an extremely motivated and business oriented person will manage and operate Bellissima Gel UK in honor of Garey.

We truly miss our dear friend daily and struggle with his sudden loss, but comfort in the fact that Garey is definitely an angel in heaven, smiling down on us with those brilliant white teeth and helping us with every aspect of Bellissima – right down to our every brush stroke.  Rest in peace our dear friend, we all love you.