Bella Forma Gel from Bellissima International


Online Training
Online training videos and additional educational materials are available to all of Bellissima’s registered nail techs and distributors. We believe education is a key to our success in the nail industry.  With that being said, we have invested our time and money to have done all the education videos using HD quality, to give you the best in class viewing, free, in the comfort of your own home or salon. It will take you through a Step by Step Process from the basic gel overlay, to doing sculpts and tip application. This online training by no means replaces a hands-on class, but it definitely is a tool to be used to get you started or refresh your memory from your class. We also do Advanced Distance Learning Workshops using Skype technology. Marnie our CEO and International educator performs these workshops.

Bellissima International also has educators here in the USA that offer Advanced Workshops so that you can tweak your nail application skills.  Our Distributors around the globe also hold their own education classes. We are always available to walk you through on the phone to take care of any application issues you may be having with a certain client. Educators to help us enhance nail technicians skills are always in demand so if you feel you would like another form of income please feel free to contact us about becoming an educator.