Bella Forma Gel from Bellissima International


What is a Bella Forma gel?
A self-leveling gel product that can be cured in a 4×9 bulbs 36watt UVA lamp.

How long does Bella Forma last?
Depending on how well a client takes care of their nails, typically Bella Forma will last between 2-5 weeks.

Can you build a sculpture nail/extension with Bella Forma Gel?
Yes, Bella Forma clear gel can be used to sculpt/extend or build nails while still looking thin and natural.

Can you build with Bella Forma Color Gel?
No, you cannot build with color Bella Forma.  Applying the Bella Forma Color Gel too thick, (because of the pigment in the gel) prevents the UVA light to reach all the way through the layer of color gel to react with photo initiator. When this occurs the top layer of the gel is cured, but the gel underneath is partially cured or remains uncured which will result in little or no adhesion to the natural nail plate.

Why use Bella Forma Collection as a complete system?
Bellissima International Inc. designed the Bella Forma Collection to be used as a complete system. The line was designed, tried and tested to work together.  One of the leading causes of allergic reactions in our industry is caused from mixing manufacturers products.

Can Bella Forma be used on the natural nail?
Yes, Bella Forma can be used as a natural overlay.

Are Primers and Bonders used with Bella Forma?
No, there are NO primers nor bonders used in the application of Bella Forma.

What do you use to remove Bella Forma Gel?
Bella Forma Clear and Color gel are removed by using Bella Forma Soak Away Solution.  Do not remove the red plug found on the inside of the bottle.  Just take a sharp implement and poke two holes in the plug.  This will save you money in the long run by not allowing too much product to flow out at one time.  Shake the bottle of Soak Away Solution before using, as there are essential oils in the Soak Away to protect the cuticles from drying out.

Are there any products that may cause Bella Forma to lift?
Yes, household cleaners and some garden products may contain chemicals that would cause ANY Soak Off Gel to lift. Rules of thumb – if you would not put it on your face – do not get it on your nails.  In this case, please be sure to always wear gloves while performing these activities.  Citric acid can also cause the gel to lift, so be sure to refrain from using citrus soaps, lotions and immediately wash your hands after slicing limes or lemons.

How do you remove Bella Forma Gel?
The gel can be removed by first filing the gel with a rough file (100/100), using a lighter touch towards the cuticle area while still removing all shine.  After all nails have been filed, apply Bella Forma Soak Away solution generously to a pressed cotton band and lay flat on top of the nails.  Then wrap the nail in tinfoil, do not press down on the foil on the nail, for the solution will squeeze out of the cotton band.  (If you do this process incorrectly – by squeezing down over the nail -  it could take up to an hour or possibly longer as there is not enough solution left on the pressed cotton band to penetrate through the gel for it to be released from the nail plate) Leave nails to soak 10 minutes, checking the progress towards the last few minutes. Take off the foil and Bella Forma Gel can be pushed off with a flat metal implement.  Remember – the gel does not dissolve, it is released from the nail plate.

Can I use Bella Forma with any UV Curing Lamp?
To correctly cure Bella Forma gel you must be using a 36 watt UV-A Lamp that contains 4x 9watt bulbs.

Why is there always a sticky layer that has to be removed?
As with ALL gels the sticky residue that is left on the nail after curing is caused from the oxygen in the air that does not allow the oligomers to join together, resulting in a surface layer that has to be removed with Bella Forma’s Nail Wipe Solution.

Are the UV-A rays in the lamp harmful?
o, the UV-A rays are not damaging to your skin.  Your clients’ drive to the salon on a sunny day would give them more UV light exposure than curing their nails in the lamp.  The only precaution that is recommended is that the nail technician always places the lamp so that you are not directly looking into the lit lamp.

How often should I change my bulbs in my UV lamp?
When you purchase your lamp, you should mark the date on the bottom of your lamp and then 6 months from that date you should change out all of your bulbs.   The UV bulbs, after 6 months of normal use, have less than half of their original UV strength.  Check your bulbs often, as dirty bulbs will also lower the UV energy.  The success of your gels depends on the condition of your bulbs.  Don’t be trying to save yourself money in this area by keeping bulbs longer, as it will cost you in the long run – less adhesion may lead to fewer clients – not worth it.  You should always have 4 extra bulbs on hand.

Do you remove the sticky layer after each coat of gel?
No, you only remove the sticky layer after the final cure as the sticky residue is what will adhere to the next layer of gel.

Why use Bella Shine Top Coat?
Bella Forma gel is gas permeable.  This being said you need to protect the gel from the dirt and grime of every day living.  The Bella Shine Top Coat will not only provide you with extremely shiny nails but it air dries in 60 seconds, allowing your client to use their hands freely without smudges.

Why use Bella Forma’s Cuticle Oils?
Bella Forma’s cuticle oils; Vanilla Gelato, Cranberry Passion and Mango Tango are formulated with a blend of essential oils to protect the cuticle from drying out.  It is very important to take care of your cuticles as the cuticle protects the matrix from bacteria.  Applying once or twice daily will keep your cuticles hydrated.  Also, if you find that your free-edge of your nails tends to curl in, apply cuticle oil on the underside of the nail.

Why do you need to fold color gels?
Color Gels should not be stirred, but folded – like meringue.  Using a flat metal implement, (NOT an orangewood stick or a toothpick as they leave wood particles in the bottom of your gel jar) make sure you go down one side of the jar scrape along the bottom and back up the other side of the jar.  Repeat this process until you have gone around the whole jar.  The reason for the folding method is to create fewer bubbles in the jar of gel.  It is imperative to fold the gel as the pigment or glitter will settle to the bottom of the jar.

Why is it necessary to apply Bella Forma clear gel before applying a tip?
The reasons you would apply the Bella Forma clear gel before applying a tip is to protect the natural nail:
The resin is applied to the gel, not the natural nail. When blending you blend on the gel, not the natural nail. If the client bangs her nail, the tip and gel will crack, not the natural nail.